Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Know what I love about children's songs and children in general? Everything is so straight forward. I'm listening to a song that is telling me me to swim on the moon and plant a garden under the sea and you can do it because "everything's a possibility when everything's a possibility."

Yes there are a lot more variables to adulthood but I love the straightforward aspect of a kids imagination. Ask them what they're doing and they will solemnly inform you that their pet chinchilla is sick and they're traveling to South America by tricycle to get them a popsicle to make them feel better.

Take a hint from your tiny ones... unclench every once in a while. Allow yourself to dream the wildest thing you can think of off the top of your head. Then draw it... and paint it. Just DO it.

you can download this super cute song for FREE if you go here! (originally i got this from Pacing the Panic Room. an amazing blog) great if you have kids... also great if you're a 24 year old insanely bubbly girl who finds comfort in these lyrics (psh... yeah i'm talking about myself. yep. i so am.)

also! I am SUPER excited to FINALLY introduce the next great blog to the 11 of you that sit perched and tense on the edge of your seat waiting for me to provide tidbits of amazingness. *sigh* that whole last sentence was completely ridiculous. i just went with it. anyway work friend, Kate, launched her blog diapers + skinnyjeans and I'm pretty excited about it. She's a hipster. There's not much else that can describe her in one word... she hoops - as in hula (AMAZINGLY better than you ever could lol) and is one of those people that could wear pretty much anything and be stylish. jelis already? i know. it's bound to happen. but! she's due to have probably the cutest baby soon and is chronicling her adventures in both motherhood and hipsterhood. go. read. doit. k. thanks.

i have the day off tomorrow. pecan streusel muffin from Sweet Annie's? better yet! i'm making THIS! yummm. a JtB surefire breakfast : )


  1. oh sad! you removed my blog from your links list! with good reason, though.... i never update it. probably because i've started a newwwww one! hooray! :)

    that said, i need to personally thank you for allowing me to inter-stalk your friends. i keep up with dia. all. the. time.

  2. Sooo honored! Lurve!! Yay to self expression and new blogging adventures! :-)



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