Thursday, March 17, 2011

true love (an h-bahn love story)

when i find my true love i will bestow upon him this card:

from sapling press via
he will blush, knowing that bob ross and happy little trees are inseparable like the accompaniment of an exhale to an inhale. 

to bind our love he will give me this in return:
from sapling press via

i will take his hand in mine and we will ride off into the sunset in our hybrid hatchback (bikes in the trunk), knowing we will be together forever. 

someday... *abby grin* hahaha

did you like that?! how cute are these cards! i KNOW RIGHT?! buy them already!


  1. I was amused by the Bob Ross card because I was just on FB and I "like" Bob Ross...the question it posed was "How do you describe Bob Ross to someone that has never heard of him?"

    My answer? Happy Little Trees.

  2. This is so cool. We have to find your Helvetica man!



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