Monday, March 7, 2011

even the stars hideaway

heyo. i'm alright! stop askin'! (none of you asked anything... but like if you DID ask... i'd be like... "i'm alright! stop askin!" *sniffs* yeah...)

anyway! i'm gettin that fun feeling where i wanna up and move and not tell anyone and reinvent myself as... a quirky funny person somewhere else. = / that's all i got. i bring the smilez. and the baked goods haha

via linen house

for now i'll just take wherever THIS bed/apartment is and move in immediately. that or i'm just gonna steal the bedding... the lamp... the sweet magazine table made out of magazines... the windows...... yeah seriously i just need to find where this is.

basically i am just frustrated with a lot, but it's okay cuz i'm grateful for a lot too. the journey to excellence suuuucks yo!

let's just stare at that bed some more shall we? *drool*.... goodnight : )

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