Friday, July 10, 2009

put the fiber one bars DOWN

So i had a crazy series of dreams last night and I don't remember all of them. But the one this morning was about how these two kids (i have no idea WHO they were) just appeared in my apartment and started wanting food. I made them peanut butter and jelly sandwiches then they started gettin all crazy climbin on stuff. Finally one of the kids climbed on the counter and stole our Fiber One bars (which i like but i don't like THAT much) so i like picked the kid up and tried to pry them out of his hands. It was like trying to reverse the time space continuum or something. then i opened my front door and like... face pushed him out LOL. it was extra weird.

not as weird as the Tracy Morgan/Sweeny Todd dream. NOTHING. tops that. NOTHING.

Today will be a good day. It's my niece's 13th birthday. Just another excuse for me to tackle her on many occassions. :0) she gets a big head sometimes and it's my job to pop that air filled balloon haha. LOL i feel like my kids are going to be infuriated when they get upset about nonsense and i won't give two pennies about it. *shakes head* i'm going to be a cool mom though WATCH OUT.

now for random things i'm enjoying today.
I like how Windex squeaks against the window
I like my french braid on one side of my ponytail
I like my blue sweater and paisley *PAISLEY* blue flip flops
I like Starbucks cups with Sharpie instructions written on them
I like the old guy running at a molasses based pace down the street. YOU GO GLEN COCO
I like the Friday Dance on WGN news
I like the peace I feel when I know I made a decision based on what God says

LATER S8R :0) (yes. like passover.)

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