Monday, July 27, 2009


new 5 lives:
1. Professional knitter - I'd knit your face off. then knit it up again with some cool knitted face tattoo.
2. Photographer - I'd be the person you'd want to photograph your awesome new apartment and NOT your great great grandma skydiving. No... no i'd wanna catch that too it's probably a medical marvel.
3. Baker - I'd own a bakery, somehow be up at 3am to nurse the bread to health and sell cookies that would make you slap your momma. OH. and that knitting shop? WOULD BE COMBINED WITH THE BAKERY. awesoooome!
4. Book Store Owner - it would be self run. designed the logo, sell the books, bake the bread, knit your face. photograph all of the above.
5 - Steve Jobs - Do I need to say much more? I don't... I don't.

sorry for the crinklyness of the tote. It was fresh from the purse but you can get the gist of the design from the left. if i had a Yudu... I'd be dangerous. *nods*


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