Friday, July 31, 2009

and live in harmony harmony

I have a HORRIBLE song stuck in my head that is now being replaced by house music played in super trendy LA hair salons. You know the kind... *!!!* and sometimes theres a guy singing... sometimes he's indian... sometimes he's high pitched. AM I RIGHT.

Anywho I went to a women's mini conference last night at my church and it was fun. I went to a mini workshop beforehand. I was going to go to Parents & Purity until I realized I was the only one OVER 14 there. I left and went to singles where people my age dwelled. She talked about how it was easy to get caught up in marriage and let the focus get away from God. Like, "Who is gonna be? When am I gonna meet him? WHY isn't it now? Am I EVER gonna get married? Did I do something wrong so I CAN'T get married? Am I that scarred?" Very true. It boiled down to trust God and don't have a Plan B. God is your Plan A who will always work out so... don't have a way out. It was good.

Get a bunch of women together and you might as well stand in a line turn towards your right and your left and compare what's wrong with YOU. For real. Somehow my personality pans out like this: I'm not a people person. I'm compassionate towards people. I don't even understand it. I SUCK at starting a conversation, I can't keep one going, bad at reciprocating actions.
"how are you?!"
"good!".......*SILENCE* "oh! oh! how are you??"
But I love laughing I love making people laugh and I'm a natural born listener. Seriously, nothing in my life is worth being like 'OMG LET ME TELL YOU' it is. I went to work... I came home... and... took a nap... and theeen... I ate a bowl of cereal and KNIT.

I'm also not surface. OK who doesn't enjoy shopping? I'll talk about a good sale, where to get a good dress. I Lurve Shoes. But if most of your relationship is based off the diet you're on? the clothes you're wearing, how those clothes look and where you're going today... I'm out. I'm talking about ADULTS not 14 year olds. It makes my face hurt... the whole face not just a portion of facial cheek. Blah... how do older adults have that? There's no example to look at... EVERYTHING is superficial. And it's... super old.

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