Thursday, July 23, 2009

i will be

Yesterday my mom and I took a trip to the Gap. (b the dubs do you say THE Gap? or Gap? ever since the 'fall into the Gap fall into the Gap' commercial that article will forever precede Gap) We had to pick up a necklace I left there accidentally and somehow ended up with an awesome $7 skirt (WITH POCKETS! ^.^) and my mom came out with many colored cardigans. Oh yeah I totally ended up with a Gap card (notice how I didn't say a THE Gap card) two days ago. They get ya. Oh they get ya. And KEEP YA.

Anyway on the way home we heard a Genesis song that I haven't heard in like 80 years. My dad used to sing it ALL the time and at first... I didn't remember. It got to this one part where Phil Collins is desperately singing that he will be there for you. Cept my dad ALWAYS sang it as, "I WILL BE DEEEEEERE! I WILL BE DEEEERE!' and my mom and i BURST out laughing. Have you ever laughed at something that was itching to get out but you didn't want it to get out so your insides feel all weird and jiggly? I can't even explain it. It made me uncomfortable to laugh but i HAD to cuz it was funny. It's like my insides were trying to be on the outside. Remembering good times makes the divorce seem less horribly awful then I remember that it is all at the same time. Hence the inside-out jiggly feeling. Weird. Anyway Hold on My Heart is still a good song.

Moving on in this blog of complete randomness. If you had 5 lives what would they be? Here. Are mine.

1. Ballerina - I would, I would do it. I'd be long and lanky and have ugly dancer feet that bring TEARS to peoples eyes - TEARS! - when i move.
2. Jet-setter - what are the professions of jet-setters? Do they have jobs? Are they trust fund babies? We should explore.
3. Musician - I have always wanted to be a musician that plays movie scores. I'd get a cool head set, be in a studio and be like THAT'S MY FLUTE SOLO when I'm sitting in Harry Potter 7.
4. Airplane pilot - it fuels my jet setting habit. get it. fuels?! But for real I love how planes take off and land (it's my favorite part!) and I'd be all like, "This is your captain speaking we are now at a cruising altitude of AWESOME we will be listening to Chicago (the band. not the musical SORRY!) for the next 2 hours LOVE IT." and then You're the Inspiration would come on. And grungy college music on the way back home.
5. Dog walker - I would live in some cool place like New York or San Diego and know a bunch of artists and parents who live by giant parks filled with trees to pee on and sticks to fetch with. I really love puppies. Then I'd chat with OTHER dog walkers (one of which is super hot) we'd marry and live in dog walkin' font lovin' bliss.

I'd still love fonts in all of these lives. Just know. Can I be a graphic designing airplane musician ballerina dancin dog walkin pilot artist that flies to Paris? OFTEN?!

I'm gonna go with a yes. Concur. I SAID CONCUR!


  1. woah. i went to gap today and bought a $9 skirt with pockets!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! do you think it could maybe be the same one?!?!?! is yours purple?!?!

    back on the knitting thing... what about purlescent?

  2. ok. i'm writing all these knitting names down. ALL OF THEM. you are amazing



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