Sunday, July 12, 2009

oh! well then.

My pastor says, "Never walk away from a proven relationship. Even if the relationship is hard to maintain, then they are the ones to have. If they are easy to maintain, you probably don't need to be in them." which of course is backed by Biblical evidence which... then makes it "God says,"

I've just been trying to figure out my friend situations as of late. I feel like I'm ready to pursue some. And i feel like it's seriously time to think about letting some go. *shrugs* i dunno.

Whomever you choose to be close to you will help mold... your future. So you hang out with people you know aren't the best... you might not end up in a place you thought you would. And I swear people say they know that fact but people end up fooling themselves too.

hmmm, hmmm.

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