Wednesday, July 29, 2009

CAN you handle the truth?

written on 7/29/09
Recently I feel like what I believe has been called to the table. Like a... challenge. It's thrown on the table, examined, then tested to be shown true. I'm a Christian and that doesn't have much clout anymore... much substance. Everyone's a Christian.

Actually being a Christian gets you on the same page as a lot of people because it's a substandard now (sadly), but throw the Bible down in the midst of all that and it's like saying, "check out that venomous snake about to bite you. and kill you." I'm just thrown off by how if someone mentions the Bible they're up in arms. Which version are you reading? Are you sure you read that right? You took that out of context. Oh that was in the OLD testament nothing counts in the OLD testament. cept proverbs n' psalms proverbs n psalms. oh and that book about sex. song of solomon? yeah cept THOSE.

When did the Bible stop being a point of truth for people. Everything... everythingEVERYTHING measures up against it. Half the time I feel guilty for mentioning it because people are like, 'oh... well i mean it's your opinion' it's God's I can't MAKE this stuff up and sell it like it's real ya know?

I will admit being at Olivet makes you jaded. haha I got off with I went to chapel so devotions are done! haha i did that a LOT. I also came up against a saying I'd never really heard before coming there. "I'm praying for you." I thought it was awesome. I was in someone's prayers they cared about me we were FRIENDS cuz they were prayin'. but after 4 years of telling someone a problem... having them tell ME they "were praying for me" and knowing that really didn't happen it just lost all validity in my book as a solid gesture. Or presenting a problem to someone and them telling me, "Ya gotta PRAY you just gotta PRAY!" and then wait for that problem to dissolve itself. I just... if you can show me... anywhere in the Bible where that happened?... then i'd be so happy to see that.

I don't have many friends. Everyone knows this. But as a friend I will tell you the truth... and part of that truth involves the Bible. God is a transitive property. If the Bible is the truth and God is the Word then God is the truth. They all flow into one another not really separating themselves. What... opposition should you come up against if a Christian believes in God who is the truth... that is the Bible? One can't be present without the other. If we're gonna pray as Christian's then pray the truth, pray the Word, over a person. Look up and give scripture to someone cuz once planted it never dies inside of a person.

I don't want to be quiet anymore about stuff like this. Make a choice already.

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