Thursday, June 25, 2009

i don't really wanna be the queen

lol i got safari 4. unfortunately facebook IS on my top sites and apparently we're all creepy cuz sarah was on mine too. i promise for realioz i have a life. if top hits were on my desktop Solitaire would totally be number 1

i served tonight with my babies. they cycle in and cycle out and i love them all the same. they're just so cute! half the time i spend getting babies out of toy chests and drawers and cabinets and off of tables. the other half i spend laughing hysterically as they try to launch themselves into rocking chairs, sing most of the lesson songs and wipe neon day glo orange residue from Cheeto Puffs on their shirts. I love em. LOVE!

working days seriously takes a chunk out of my sleep time! geezopeets man!

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