Friday, July 24, 2009

that's the life for me!

Today was SO. ODD. and I must tell everyone about it. part of it is NO GOOD. part of it is awesome and involves the Oscar Meyer Weinermobile.

First part? Work. work has been insanely... interesting. Just a lot of transition and changes that people apparently 'need' that i'm not even BUYING and trying to swing how to NOT book a creeper that's been put on PNG list by the shop. And the police. OK not the police I just wish it was. (I ended up saying 'oops! wrong day! she's booked. FOREVER.' it worked.) i'm about face punching the creepers. i guess there's procedural things WHATEVER.

Second part? I decided to go downtown to the BlogHer conference 09 to meet Mrs. Blair and get a free tote. There's an odd kind of squeaky, excited sound going off in my head that sounds like *blAAAHH!!* So I went down with a JACKET and I don't even know WHY because I had to walk up the giant hill on Randolph. OMG why hasn't anyone put up a warning at the beginning of that hill on Michigan and Randolph? Here. Here it is.
*WARNING!* Walking up this hill will take not only physical exertion but all mental strength. Expect pit stains, heavy breathing and odd looks when you grab a strangers water bottle, POUR it on your face and keep going... New York marathon style. *warning over.*
I made it up that dang hill to Columbus... and got stuck when I got to Wacker. I could see the Sheraton from where I was standing there just happened to be an entire river in the middle. Me. RIVER. Sheraton. I found the Riverwalk throughway and FINALLY I made it.

So... I get there. And I think it was a combination of being hot and being nervous but all liquid decided to evacuate my body in the form of being SUPER SWEATY. I mean... I was like pouring liquid. "Is it hot?! I just... I feel HOT... It's hot!" But I made it to the suite without sweating through undergarments and fainting. Victory right? I got to meet designmom herself (wamazing) and see the Yudu upclose and personal. I didn't actually do anything myself because that would involve lifting my arms and releasing the buckets of water held under them. But I got a tote and got to see other bloggers and their awesomeness. Got a Shutter Sisters packet. All around SWEET.

Then i left my jacket and had to traipse up and down Fairbanks 3 times to get it. Sheraton --> Huron <-- Sheraton --> Huron. My mom and I ate at Bistro Pacific and had sushi for the first time. Spicy tuna roll! and WASABI which... is now radiating somewhere near my duodenum. It was so nice. Picked up some Orangina from T.I. and RAN to the train. I mean this was the day of physical excellence.

Oh yeah and in all of this the Oscar Meyer Weinermobile was going up and down Fairbanks yelling, 'OH I WISH I WERE AN OSCAR MEYER WEINER!' in all it's... yellow red and... brown... Oscar Meyer-y-ness.

I will post pictures of my tote and silk screened pic which will be put behind iMmi (the iMac). So the last half of the day totally made up for the first part. I did something I would NEVER do in a million years and enjoyed myself. Maybe next time I meet designmom I will actually tell her I'M A DESIGNER. haha

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  1. ummmm what was this glorious event??? blogher??? man... sometimes i wish i lived in the city. this fall you will have to tell me all about the sweet happenings downtown and i will take the train and we will go to there.



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