Thursday, July 16, 2009

free fallin'

Let me start out by saying I'm in a dilemma. With myself. 'Member the competition? I'm so done with it. SO done. it's not over yet but I've been done with it for AGES. In fact I'm so done I've started going backwards. No joke it's like... Abby's will went AWOL and... I can't find it. Seriously every time I try to hold onto some type of discipline I go, 'CHIPS!' and suddenly they are there. I dunno what's... yeah I totes do. (and OMG I can't stop saying 'totes' instead of TOTALLY) I need to hold onto it or... disastrous things are ahead.

Anyway moving on (I hope you made it past that haha). I wanted to show my current knitting project. You remember me. I'm a grandma in training. Except the type of grandma that. is. AWESOME. and I'm 23 so... I'm clearly NOT a grandma. There is something both relaxing and satisfying when you make your own stuff AND people think it's stylish. It is no longer a 'granny' antiquated art. It's considered contemporary yet traditional. SWEET.

I'm currently knitting wool/mohair/silk leg warmers.
Why in the middle of summer you ask? Mainly, because I got so excited about their potential cuteness I couldn't wait until it got cooler. I'm using Cascade yarn (on the left color Puget Sound) which I've never used before - can I say I'm excited? I'm excited! - and an old (not really) friend Rowan Kidsilk Haze (on the right color Hurricane) . I love the fuzzy little fibers in the kidsilk. It makes the legwarmers look like they're glowing, while adding some color depth. I'll post after pictures. I'm only on the first warmer but blazing through it. I knit during tv shows - I can knit without looking so after an hour I've gotten pretty far. 26" is long though!

I'm starting a knitting design series I've been thinking about for a while. They'll eventually end up as tags for gifts. I need names. I've come up with The Whole Knit & Caboodle and Sterling Knits (I live on Sterling) but that's... really prosaic. lol or Knit in Thyme. music, cooking and knitting. mmmm. ANYWAY i suck at this unless it's very late at night and the project is NOT for me (can't explain). so help.

please & tanks. (a good name for a line of tank tops!)


  1. you can knit in the round?! i am jealous. i'm still trying to conquer.... well... everything. i'm not exactly the best knitter. sigh.

    i like "the whole knit & caboodle"... but what about "purls of wisdom"? you could embroider proverbs in each scarf. i'm just saying. genius. okay... i'll stop.

  2. i just thought of another.... knit wit? you could have silly but clever names for all of your products!

    i'm just sayin.



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