Saturday, August 1, 2009

blind mary marry me

Havin' fun listening to Gnarls Barkley's Odd Couple before I work on this logo.

I bought 21 Sharpies today for 8 bucks! 8! that's... FREE for Sharpieworld!
I promptly color coded them and my mom said I looked like a 1st grader. It's possible... my hair is curly today... kinda sticks out in places. My tongue also sticks out when I'm concentrating. Old habits die hard man... I put them in my Sharpie Pot I jankily made in ceramics to "mirror" my Pen Pot... professionally made haha. Oh, and it holds my remote for easy access to the sleep button.

I went into the city with my mom today. I don't know what it is about Chicago that gives me a little thrill inside every time we drive towards the skyline and past the grand museums. Makes me sit up straighter and soak everything in even though I'm there a lot. I can't get enough of the tall, tall, sparkling buildings next to the sparkling lake and miles of flowers and foliage in the middle. How is that not awe inspiring?

Had an awesome conversation earlier today with an older lady in the library about Adriana Trigiani. We both turned in our summer reading lists - clearly we're awesome - and her favorite starred book was Very Valentine. Mine was On Rue Tatin. Instant friends. She smelled like Mrs. Smith, who used to live next to me and give me DumDums every day. I also have an embarrassing story about her front yard but I'm gonna cut off this stream of consciousness for now.

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  1. it's okay that you laugh at my pain.... i certainly do. which is not good, because then i'm paranoid that my stitches will come loose.

    YEAH sharpies! i bought a 24 pack while in australia... only they call them "markies" there. they have sweet colors, too, like mustard yellow.

    speaking of mustard yellow, i don't really care what color you make that hat (whoo-hoo!) how about a neutral-ish fall color like a cream, yellow, or maybe burgundy? really whatever you have sitting around the house will be fantastic!



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