Friday, October 3, 2008

drip drip drop

i had a whole title picked out but then "move along" by All-American Rejects popped into my head and I lost it.

which makes me think of the kid on Animaniacs who always runs out to the front of the screen and tells a story like this: "okay see so this one time i had a dream that i was in a pool floating on my back and i had this life raft next to me and it was talking and when i woke up?..... i was in the kitchen sink and the dog was licking my face." and then he runs back into the house. thats how the above story went.

i'm going to pick up the small ones today for a weekend o' fun. sort of. i have to bring my car into the shop tomorrow for an oil change... whoopee cushion...

i'm slightly stressed out and i'm trying not to be... funds are low i really need a job and i'm praying i just... have bills thats all that no one else can take care of cuz i'm 22 and not 12... its hard to be my normal chipper random self when i'm worried about paying for parking and insurance and student loans... oh God please help me...

my lips hurt... ok. i'm goin home to... eat? i believe... and then pick up the little ones.


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