Friday, October 10, 2008

goin back to the start

A scenario then a question.

Scenario: things are bad. things are SO bad. So bad that I don't want to move forward I just want a machete and I want to cut everything at the quick. I'm tired... and finished. But I'm lying cuz i'm not finished... at all. And as much as I want to just say what I need to I can't because I've said EVERYTHING. I'm serious I've said everything that ever needs to be said. EVER. And now it's their turn.

Question: How does one go about starting over... without actually saying lets start over?

i think that i'm emotional haha... understatement i know that i'm emotional. and i'm dealing with this ALL wrong. and I need to go back to the start and get out my dang Bible and start reading cuz... i'm slipping big time... bah.

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