Wednesday, October 15, 2008

my love has got the power

I have this ankle. Actually I have two ankles but the left one in particular is special. Special in that it can tell when the weather is changing. I rolled it approximately three times during the course of it holding me up and being a bridge if you will between my foot and my calf. once was during gym. once was in A gym. once was outside. all of these led me to the fact that i'm not friends with athletics. but anyway this week the weather was hot then cold and hot and cold... and my ankle felt like it had to crack or stretch but it wouldn't! and finally i told my mom and she said 'oh yeah it'll probably do that forever'

so in 50 years... i'll tell my grandkids "IT'S GONNA BE THE WORST STORM EVER IN THE HISTORY OF AMERICA! I can feel it.... In my ANKLE!"

awesome grandmaaaa

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