Tuesday, October 21, 2008

take me to the place i looove take me far away

i had to make myself a little rhyme to remember the title to this blog... isn't that sad? every time i post a song immediately worms its way into my head so i forget all about the title i was originally gonna put down. NOT THIS TIME! NOT ME! anyway.

The other day i was cleaning greens - yes greens - at the sink and i had a weird thought. Well it wasn't that weird. Isn't it funny that who you are when you're little doesn't change much when you get older? When I was small I used to push my chair up against the sink and stand on it and clean greens with my mom. I was super short - able to walk under the table without ducking at a moments notice - and I always wanted to help so the chair was clearly the only option. When I cleaned greens last week what did i do without hesitation? Push the stool backwards up against the sink and sit on it... well this time cuz i didn't have to stand and I wanted to sit. I tried to validate that in my head but it didn't work. Old habits die hard I guess. I'm still the short little girl I always was cleaning greens the way my mom taught me and the way I will eventually teach my own daughter.

Here's another example: When I was little I had a toy drawer in the kitchen. It was filled to the brim with toys and junk and stuff and every couple of weeks I would take all the toys methodically out set them on the floor and proceed to sit in the drawer. Just. Cuz. Later on in life like a few years later I was still young but I would just take all the toys out then put them back in until they got all messy again and I couldn't find my GirlTalk recorder then i cleaned it again. I do that with my closet. It's no bigger than a drawer i swear and every few months i methodically take out all my shoes my art box and purses. clean it then put it all back. and my mom laughs at me then reminds me of 'that one time when i sat in the drawer'

Even though i have more life experience and wisdom (sometimes) and apparently a degree i came here with a personality from day 1 and it's the same. So fun. God is so fun.

Also... whyy did God give us eyebrows? I just... i mean i enjoy the "how YOU doin?" eyebrows at much as the next person but... i mean why? just a question...

next blog: a GHOST story! or something like that... :0)

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