Wednesday, April 18, 2012

SLW: tacking the bike horse

I'm slowing down this Wednesday just to say hi (hi!) and catch up on a few things. First things first, Single Lady Wednesday itself has become a THING. And that excites me! In reality SLW is my day off and sometimes I have adventures and sometimes I'm sitting in a do-rag, a stained Apple Field Trip t-shirt and holey plaid pajama pants writing this post.

Real talk from a real lady here.

Today I want to talk about when adventures don't go so well. Actually, lately I've been having great ones. I baked with a girl from church last week, I actually VISITED a new church a few weeks ago and really like it, I've had dinner at one restaurant and dessert at another - and that's real life! But one mishap keeps staring me in the face daily.

My bike.

I think I briefly told about how I ate it on my bike last year in July. Yeah you read that right. Last year. JULY. I took my bike out for it's inaugural ride and fell off. When I say fell I really don't mean "tipped over and scraped my knee" I mean FLEW off, scraped my nose, scraped my lip, my glasses came off and... *cringes* MY PANTS CAME DOWN.

Let's... think about this for a moment. An adult woman. With a mint and brown bike now upside down on the street. Me. SPRAWLED out in front of a CHURCH where that curb was. Glasses off. Face in asphalt. Pants at half mast. HALF. MAST.

Then come along my guardian angels. Two women (safely) walking their dog (safely) down the street (safely). They walked me home. I didn't want to be walked home as an adult woman! but as an adult woman who fell off her bike and whose pants came down? I think I HAD to be walked home. *hangs head in shame*

That bike has been a phobia ever since. It's a source of extreme embarrassment and horror at the fact that I am a woman without balance and grace. It's possible I've asked Joy the Baker and Tracy Shutterbean what to do... Joy said sell it - bike ridin' wasn't for me. Tracy said tackle the horse... er bike and conquer my fear. It's also possible I was upset at Joy the Baker for a little while after that... but she gave me real advice! I was just mad cuz she was right haha

Well I'm not gonna sell it. By God it'll be a family heirloom even if I never ride it. But I want to! I feel like single ladies almost have a DUTY to be wielders of cycling vehicles. I'm not saying I'll ever go to Whole Foods on that bike and pick up some sunflowers to take back to my apartment but I want to be able to ride confidently. And confidence has always been my issue...

So I'm signing up for Bike the Drive in May.

You ride 30 miles! I can't even ride TWO right now but it'll give me a goal and if I make it two miles or the whole 30 I'll be better for the experience, right? guh... life.

Hopefully this can be an encouragement to (literally) get back on the horse... er bike and face your fear head on - single or not. Here... I'll even confess another fear to you now. I'm afraid of losing weight. Yeah! I said it! I'm afraid I can't do it... I'm afraid I'll never reach my goal and that I'll die unhappy, but that doesn't mean I just give up right? It's a DAILY battle, I have to talk to myself almost every minute of every day, but I can't give up just because of that fear.

Face your fears. Tackle that bike horse. Conquer life.

*if you're a single lady - or a married one - and want to write a guest post with your thoughts on being single feel free to email me with submissions!*

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