Wednesday, April 25, 2012

SLW: on looking cute

Today is a dreary, semi-cloudy day and I am behind on life. I need to finish some designs and get a hand-pump for my bike's tires that I just realized are flat as heck. I also need to put away a weeks worth of clothing that is growing on my bedroom floor. So today's SLW will be short and sweet.

My mother always told me to look cute wherever I go because I never know where I'm going to meet my husband. As a teen this made me MAJORLY eye roll because of course that's the dumbest thing I had ever heard. She was right of course. She's really never wrong, my mother.

As far as style goes I didn't really develop it until about... 23. I shopped at all the places my mom shopped cuz honestly I didn't care. I had an opinion of what I wanted to wear? But I couldn't care LESS where I shopped. Fashion Bug *shudders*, Lane Bryant (where big girls go to die... and get good bras), and Marshalls were my staples. I had a lot of those graphic tees with the pleats in them? Like the noticeable pleats on top of a graphic print? Remember those? I also had a lot of tapered jeans, which I didn't realize were SOOO much different than skinny jeans until recently. I had a rather impressive collection of track jackets and zip hoodies that I lived in. Literally one of my favorite blue zip hoodies FELL APART. Just like *POOF* disintegrated.

I finally woke up and realized a) what I liked to wear and b) what looked good and fit my body and it's been a breeze ever since. Throw on a t-shirt and good jeans and maybe some jeweled flats from Gap and you're GOLDEN. I have a LITERAL bouquet of hair flowers to choose from and I'm out the door.

I might have a slight obsession with hair flowers...

The mentality of looking cute everywhere doesn't have to do with meeting a man. You OOZE confidence when you feel good and EVERYONE notices. I'm about to go to the post office, approximately 20 feet away, in an amazing push-up bra and skinny jeans. Then I'll turn around, come back home and start doing chores for today.

That moment of feeling like "yeah girl... you look hot." can take you through your whole day feeling good.

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