Thursday, April 19, 2012

single lady secrets

*sigh* as a single lady... sometimes...

Sometimes you get a little lazy... you stay in the shower for 40 minutes at night because no one else is there and you like how steamy the shower gets. Sometimes you don't shave for over a year because who is going to see these legs? Please... tell me who.

Sometimes you feel a little fancy and buy new jeans aptly named "Boyfriend" jeans - 30% cuz they look good on you, 70% because of the name of the jean. Those jeans have distressed holes in them that make them pretty cool and hipster-like but one of the distressed holes became a real jean hole and... remember those unshaven legs? They have long, long hair. Hair that isn't blonde. Black hair. Peekin' through that hole all rebellious like.

Mind you I've been wearing these jeans for about 2 months now. Someone could have told me! No one told me...

So I did what any single lady would do... I shaved the hole of leg hair that peeks through. and no where else.


Real talk.


  1. Laughing!!! Oh my gosh you are one of a kind!! :D I've probably thought about doing that once or twice... haha

  2. hahahahahahahahahaha

    matedig revelea

  3. I hate to break it to you but this isn't just a single lady thing!

  4. I'm not single, and sometimes I go without shaving for a long long long time. Shaving is boring, and it's a pain and quite frankly it's a waste of water, time, and shaving cream that you can use for other fun things like pranking people.



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