Saturday, July 16, 2011

let's play catch-up

Hello all! I keep meaning to update and then I get sleepy and go to bed. True story. But I'm listening to Beyoncé's new album and feelin good! Also why do people say let's PLAY catch-up? It's not a Wheel-Of-Fortune puzzle, geez.

I had an epic day on Thursday that included LPK (Lincoln Park Apple Store), red velvet pancakes from Bongo Room, friends and Chicago adventuring. It was a GORGEOUS day and I decided to bite the bullet and take Ingrid out for her inaugural ride. It was bliss... until I rounded the corner to come home, I lost control and ATE it. Seriously... my face is scraped up (although I have this awesome ghetto lip scar that TOTALLY adds to my attractive qualities. I feel like Queen Latifah in "Set It Off") and a ton of bruises (and I don't bruise easy at ALL). My handlebars are a little wonky so I need to get those adjusted. So if anyone has any tips on how to improve core balance for bike riding I would GREATLY appreciate that. awesomethanks.

*oh snap! music modulation on Beyoncé's new album - DANG! three modulations! if this was a church song people would be out of their seats and... OMG ANOTHER MODULATION! she learned that from the Olivetians. I'm so sure of that.*

In other news I am totally a twitter-design-stalker-fan of StudioMates and their new temporary tattoo line tattly. the day it launched I snagged two designs from Jessi Arrington and Jessica Hische (two of my very favorite people I've never met). Jessi is my design equivalent of Joy the Baker so you obviously know that love is hardcore. Seriously though if you're unsure of permanently inking yourself (I will be getting my first tattoo sooooon! eeee) these brilliantly designed temp tat's will do the trick!

How cool is that color wheel?! Hint of spectrum, hint of spinny pinwheel of death on the Mac, hint of PURE UNADULTERATED AWESOME. Also the stamps on the packaging totally made me think of this. I think they did that on purpose haha

this week is going to be upper 90's and humid. Planning on making a LOT of iced tea and iced coffee. Heck YES.

p.s. who is on Google+? find me! add my face! I really wanna do a hangout it looks SOOO COOOOL.

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