Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Style

Easter in my world was always the biggest ordeal. It's like Thanksgiving 2.0. At church I always end up working with the babies on Easter and that is the day I see more babies come through in the most uncomfortable dresses, suits, ties, hats, bows and tiny baby heels I've ever seen. The babies (and myself) are miserable. Who can blame them! All dressed up and they can't even eat a Cheerio without getting reprimanded for getting their dress dirty! The humanity!

Now... I go to a pretty diverse church but I'm gonna let you in on a piece of my world.

African-American Easter Sunday fashion

If you're interesting in seeing the latest fashion in headwear and every color of pastel that God has made? I dare you to go to a Pentecostal or Baptist church on Easter Sunday. In a word? It's AMAZING. You never knew there were so many shades of white, so many skirt suits, SO many matching clutch purses and gloves than on Easter. I would go to church with my cousin when I was little and was always fascinated at what people wore on Sundays.

Now I only have a partial view because I wasn't raised Baptist so for the people that are? Man, I envy you. I'm for real! Church women know how to DRESS. And somehow can find a purse that matches the EXACT shade of iridescent eggshell pink in their shoes.

I go to a church where jeans are acceptable, flip flops are too and we don't judge. You just wear what you feel most comfortable in, but I think there is something to be said about "Sunday best." Getting gussied up to go see God. For who else but the one who made you should you really get dressed up? I stopped buying Easter dresses years ago when I realized one of these years I was GOING to break my ankle from trying to walk in heels. It was just going to happen.

The wonderful thing is... God always thinks you look your best. With or without heels. I am very liberated by that realization : )

Happy Resurrection Day!

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