Monday, August 1, 2011

how to live life

i met a woman today, 73 years old, who just got an iPad and found Pandora. She was in love. She also gushed (really. gushed!) to me about her going on a cruise in Germany down the Rhine with her boyfriend.  She had recently lost her spouse about 5 years ago and so did her current bf... and they found each other. By this time I was kiiind of teary. Yep. That happened. So I talked to her about her Guide to Germany app and how she and her 76 year old boyfriend were gonna have so much fun. She told me 'well it's okay we got separate cabins so i can break the rules if i want.' um... giggle and blush fest on my end haha

Here's the clincher... she got up to leave and I noticed the tip of a bag on the floor behind the table. I asked her if that was hers and she reveals a VICTORIA'S SECRET bag. Now SHE'S the one blushing and giggling and in my head I'm like "GET IT GURL! GON' HEAD! MHMM!" This 73 year old woman and her 76 year old boyfriend on a cruise... and she's so excited! She kept telling me, "I never thought I would date an older guy!" ugh! *instant heartbreak*

If I'm half the amazing older person she is I will count myself lucky. I feel like she found the trick to living is... TO LIVE. She told me, "hey we're both still WALKING and able to eat anything we want and we're not hurting for cash... why not?" If this slightly voyeuristic woman embraced this mentality why can't I at 25? What sincerely holding me back?

p.s. - is there a trend in my posts? crazy inspirational stuff has been happening lately. i'm starting to pay attention to them... what does it MEAN double rainbow?! what does it meaaaan?!?

p.p.s - is anyone finding it hard to be healthy lately? all i think about is losing weight and all i can do is NOT DO IT. i hate it!! any tips to snap out of bad eating habits?? BUH. i don't hate water or vegetables i just happen to like horrible food WAY more! i'm a bad person am i not... *sobs*


  1. Hello Abby, It's Maggie's friend Ashley. We met at Renegade Craft last year (planning on going this year too btw). I read your blog from time to time but I'm going to pull the trigger and follow you.

    Anyway, the main point of my comment is really to say YES it is hard to eat healthy in the summer. All I want to eat is ice cream. And chocolate. And cheese fries. And more chocolate.

  2. Bad food just tastes better... It's so hard!

  3. Btw ur blog captcha just made me write reamated like creamated but reamated. Weird! Lol



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