Tuesday, July 26, 2011

the travelin' soul

I've always loved the fact that I've lived in roughly the same place my whole life. It makes me feel like I can travel far, far away to places I've never lived before or experienced and that I can come right back to the place that knows me best.

the sunset through my windows
When it comes to friends I've always been apprehensive and a little jealous of their need to travel. Planning to move far away, getting frustrated that they're 'stuck' in the town they live in, where I am as in love with the city I was born in (fact: I was born in Chicago) as the first day I arrived. To me there is no better place than being in the city. The buildings, the lake, the experiences I have there are always lasting ones.

That being said I am starting to grasp an understanding on what it's like to want more. To literally expand your horizon. I always think of it as discovering a new land, and in a way, it is. Yes, people have discovered and settled down across the world but I haven't. I'm seeing it for the first time so it's like I'm discovering it, staking my flag in the ground and claiming that land for Abby.

I want to see what the sunset looks like on the Atlantic Ocean... and then compare it to the Pacific. As for my friends, I kind of want them to travel to where ever they think they're supposed to go, it gives me tons of places to visit. In fact, I want to know a friend in every state so I can road trip across the country and never have to stay in a hotel. I want to visit Boston in the fall (thank you Veggie Tales!), sightsee in New York, hopefully prove Tim Allen right that Michigan's extra relaxing, stop for a St. Louis root beer, go to ALL of SxSW in Texas, see amazing art in Kansas and dig my toes in the sand on a California beach.

I know that it doesn't matter where I set up shop and sleep at night, Chicago will always be home. I can be the furthest I've ever been but know where I can come back to. If Carrie Bradshaw had a relationship with Manhattan I am in it for the long run with Chicago. : )

I am free to move about to country.
stay tuned! cuz this here is real.

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  1. you're up late! i would love to travel, i wish i could go back to san fran... we'll have to take sofia when she's older. AND! your awesome header that i didn't think could get any awesomer? guess what? totally got awesomer. love it!!



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