Thursday, August 11, 2011

the entry before is the preface just to let you know : )

*well the secret's out isn't it. Sorry no long drawn out explanation... cuz it takes everything in me just to wrap my head around the concept of it.  woo. light headed. moving on. but i will totally discuss it with you after i don't feel nauseous at the thought. hah. but for real.

p.s. buttermilk is an amazing typeface. UH-MAZING.

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  1. THIS is a very good list!!! :) I'm very pumped about #2, 6, and 12. And obviously, I'll get to see their completion because you'll be blogging about them.

    And can we just draw attention to the fact that Buttermilk and Archer are SUCH a beautiful couple. Seriously.




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