Wednesday, August 3, 2011

don't fence me in

Sometime's I get caught up. I get caught up in being an artist and having every moment be about the art and what it means and having that artistic meaningful moment be relevant to creating more art. How much of a zany hipster do I sound like right now?! I mean I am one but still.

The artist community is competitive by nature. I would say I live on the edge of the artist community somewhere near Musiciansville, Literary Lane, and Homemakers Avenue. I embrace where I set up camp.

Today, I didn't do much in terms of "art" in a literal sense. I did not design a thing, I DID write down a list of goals I'd like to accomplish thanks to Katherine (love her.), I cleaned my room, did my laundry, stared lovingly at my bike and read Real Simple and the book I'm trying to finish so I can start another. I call this a good day.

I am starting to realize that creating one thing every day is tiring and filled with pressure and not very realistic in it's demand. I started to feel guilty that I hadn't "created" a new piece of artwork or worked on something relevant to my craft, SKETCHED more, ILLUSTRATED more, watched more TED talks about the creative MIND. Ugh!

I would say that today I created a relaxing day for myself. That is my one thing I created today. I am first and foremost a reader and got to totally remind myself of that AND i set up future goals for myself! hoorays! I am continually looking for inspiration outside of my computer which has started to give me a headache recently (oh hi college revisited).

I also realize that while I am an artist I am not defined by it. The art I create does not get to turn around and tell me who I am. I think I lost sight of that for a while. I was jealous of the things people do, and create, the opportunities other artists get. But I'm not them. They're not me. I have my own list of goals that, when writing them, came way easier than I thought they would. All of a sudden I had a whole page of things I wanted to do in the next year.

I need to remind myself that I am who I am, don't try to be anyone else. I am pushing myself to build a thick portfolio by next January and that is a task in and of itself. I know I'll get there, too.
by Dana Tanamachi - featured on Design*Sponge today. did you SWOON or WHAT?!

alsooooo i need to stop being so self centered. it is not all about me. i need to remember my friends and bake for them. i want to bake for you, friends. knit you scarves and socks and cowls and hats. make you posters for your wall. smack me around a bit hmm? I can take a beating... 'member that one time I fell off my bike!? chyeah. true story. i'm 25. i bit the asphalt. what of it? that's not the point. if you're into it (cuz i totally am), i happen to enjoy pizza followed by tea and baked goods. Let's get some sometime ok?


  1. Yeaaaah lists! Seriously, life lists are great. I'm glad you made one :) And I totally know what you mean... artists are such jealous, self-centered people, because our entire industry is built on competition. Oh man.

    ALSO I am going to respond to your email... via snail mail. It's part of my list! So just be patient :)

  2. P.S. I noticed that you're reading the Weird Sisters. Is it any good? I considered buying it at Barns a few months ago simply because I loved the cover :)

  3. i love lists too (i mean obviously we both love charts so it's not a far cry). yeah i just got tired of artists lately. i'm annoyed with myself because i'm an artist.

    but i like the Weird Sisters so far! the character development is... frustrating to read haha but it's good. i like it. I'm a library person so get it from the library if you can! a good preview haha

  4. Lists!!! I need to post my life plan!



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