Wednesday, August 24, 2011

{about art} and other things

Thank you to other Abbey for posting a summary of this dudes blog post! this was my summary. I like this whole {about...} quote thing that has come to life. Thoughts on it? How's that novel you've been working on?

There has been a lot going on lately but I've been conflicted about sharing it on the blog, which is why I've been absent. The concept of blogging is weird when you think about it. You let people in on a slice of your life. The art slice, the home slice (hilarious.), the work slice, but you can say or not say what you want. From the readers perspective everything could be awesome and in reality things might be crumbling around you. I'm starting to think letting a little of the negative things that happen in alongside the positive is a good thing. It makes the happy stuff so much sweeter, since you can only reach SO many levels of happiness and it starts to lose it's genuine feeling. It's also weird when you choose to put something on here that people may not necessarily agree with and you have to defend what you CHOSE to publicly discuss. Internet culture is really interesting. That should definitely be part of theory courses, don't you think? I could discuss the double standards of the internet/sharing all. day. ok not really all day my head would explode and i'd kill you. but over Starbucks? TOTES.

Michigan via gathered heart

But first, a good thing. Miracle of miracles, I kid you not, somehow I shouted a time off request to the scheduling angel and SOMEONE HEARD ME. I have a couple days off! I realized that I haven't had more than a day off Apple in 18 months (aka when i started). I took some days off for the wedding but... that was actually more stressful than work haha so it definitely does NOT count. It was too short notice to go down to St. Louis where Jayme and Jon live but I'll be in Michigan with Mrs. Gathered Heart herself for a couple days. I'm happy to get out of Orland Park! I just... again things have happened (are happening) that I may share with you when I get back but I'm glad for a small getaway. See you all on the flip side... the flip side being Monday. Obvi.


  1. yeah yeah yeah that's my backyard! :) i'm so excited!!!!!


  2. i know exactly what you been about the internet slash sharing. part of the reason why i have just chosen to abstain from blogging over the past couple of months. :)
    regardless, i hope you have a fantastic vaca!



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