Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Momma's Day!

As an appreciation for all mom's do (and my mom seriously does like... infinitely above what she needs to do. she's a front runner for the imaginary mom awards in my head. like... the tippy top front runner) I'm counting down my favorite blogs written by mom's! : ) clarification... mommy blogs are completely different than mommy's who write blogs. Don't get it twisted. These mom's are AMAZING and I kiiiind of really a lot of wish they were my best friends. So! Settle in with a cup of tea and let's get started:

5. Joanna Goddard of A Cup of Jo - she is the coolest person. She has an adorable son named Toby and a TWIN. SISTER. (jelz!) and loves riding bikes with her husband in New York. She also has a babysitter I kind of want to be best friends with - but really she looks awesome. Also! she posts the coolest giveaways for you momma's out there and hair tutorials for people with newly found long hair. (me.)

4. Cole Marshall of Pacing the Panic Room - Honestly I would have Cole be my number 5 through 1 if it were possible. She. is. GORGEOUS. She has an impeccable sense of style and her husband happens to have the coolest blog on the planet. He started the maternity series that so many people have blatantly ripped off and TRIED to make look just as good. (it's just not possible) Technically Cole doesn't have a blog YET but! She IS starting a sweet awesome hair blog because her hair looks just that good all the dang time and she's a hair stylist. I would let her do whatever the heck she wanted to my mane. I'm just gonna throw it out there you can throw it right back? She is my girl crush. I wanna have a cup of organically grown coffee with her. or a milkshake. ya know whichever...

3. Jordan Ferney of Oh Happy Day - Confession: I started reading her blog a while ago and then STOPPED. *gasp!!* i knoooow. I'm a horrible person. I think I had just started my giant blog reading list and it was a little bit of an overload. But then I came back and remembered how amazing she is as a fashion icon and a mother and an artist who gives LETTERPRESS CLASSES! (if you love me... if you REALLY love me you will send me to San Francisco so I can take her letterpress classes. do you love me? please say you love me! or just come with me. just do that. we'll go together) She's also living in Paris (i just peed my pants a little bit) and you can see the Eiffel Tower from her apartment - no sweat! just a Paris apartment with her awesome husband and two children. Oh what's that? she plans amazing parties for people by the Golden Gate Bride and is generally awesome. Psh! I do that in my SLEEP!

2. Kate Votta-De la Rosa of Diapers+Skinnyjeans - you guys remember my excitement over her finally launching her blog and she did not disappoint. It's a fledgling blog but I'm pretty sure it'll gain momentum over the next few months with the arrival of her cute baby and hipster marriage to her perfection personified boyfriend. Another girl with impeccable taste and hipster don't-give-a-care style which incidentally makes her look awesome all the time. Also she's a friend of mine! so i can ACTUALLY attest to her awesomeness. I made her mint chocolate chip ice cream once... it was pretty great.

1. Gabrielle Blair of Design Mom - Gabby is the end all be all of mom's who blog. She was the FIRST blog I ever started following and coincidentally started my love of design blogs, mom's who blog and blogging in general. She is a graphic designer with six children who used to live in New York and moved to Colorado and NOW LIVES IN NORMANDY, FRANCE. I just... is your mouth open? I actually MET her at Blogher '09 when it was in Chicago... we screen printed bags together and I was super sweaty and didn't speak and forgot to tell her I was a graphic designer. Epic fail for Abby. I love her as a designer and as a mom. She handles her children well and just KNOWS what she likes. She's amazing. Read her blog. You'll be better off for it!

I know I'm not a mother yet but these interwebz momma's are great examples of staying true to themselves and raising a family successfully. I'm a fan of strong women. Happy Mother's Day to all you blogging and non-blogging mom's who do so much for their families and still stay true to the AMAZING women they are!

*all photos belong to the originators of the blogs mentioned here and I claim no ownership of them. all pictures were used for tantalizing enticing purposes only in hopes that you will immediately read their blogs and save them to your Google reader. 


  1. Oh my GEEZE!!!

    Abby you are the best.
    I really can't say that any other way.

    And I most definitely had to google "fledgling" because I did not know what it meant. Can I have your vocabulary?

    I know we're late on our hanging out because my on my days off all I can think about is sleeping and not having to drive away from my house because I'm gigantic and tired all the time... :/

    BUT! Maternity leave starts on the 22nd and that means I will have AMPLE time off all in a row so I will most likely kick this "tired" crap and actually be extremely lonely not working and being in an empty apartment. I will drag my third trimester tooshie to Flossmoor. I will do it. And you don't even have to bribe me with food.

    I just want your company :)

    Lurve you lady- sorry for the book on your comments section.

  2. Btw- can I share in your girl crush of Cole? Hopefully this isn't too creepy... lol. She's going to read this one day and be like... what the??

    Girl crush/role model/amazing mother

    Please come to Illinois and meet me and the Abbys.
    And do our hair. We'll be forever grateful.


  3. this post was excellent.
    aannnnnnddddd not to add another blog to your list, but my friend amber just showed me this one: seriously. read it. you'll cry a little. or a lot.



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