Monday, May 30, 2011

just bee yourself

i'm struggling to find inspiration lately. i bounce all over the place like the 5 year old i really am. this gave me a little bit of grounding and some reassurance as to what i'm already doing. : )


right now i am definitely taking lucky number 14 head on (it's my favorite number. did you guys know that?) whatever the heck i try my hand at... i won't give up.  well i mean i'm doing a plethora of others but for real. 14. and 25. yes.

this week i am definitely gonna take a photo for The Burning House along with Katherine. and next week? i get to be a hipster. (psh. like i'm not everyDAY.)

also i cut my hair!

hope you all are doing well : )

1 comment:


    Also. I want pictures of your hair.

    Also. I was so going to take a picture for Burning House... but I have been way too lazy to do it....

    Also. Possible Saturday breakfasts/icecream with B_?



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