Wednesday, May 18, 2011


i'm preparing my IKEA findings woo!

so far I have successfully mounted my dark grey curtains (a feat that included a near meltdown), put on my bedding/duvet cover (it is VERY pretty) and put together my rolling-under-the-desk-bin-file-cabinet-thingy (my thumbs hurt. no joke.).

tomorrow is the big "putting my desk together" day and moving my old desk out. I will miss this desk on which I'm currently writing this post. I put it together ten years ago. Wooo... that's crazy! but it's been 10 years and while it has a lot of character and great storage I can't stretch my legs, which makes me never want to design another thing ever again. In order to create I literally need to stretch my legs so the whole sitting with my legs bent for hours on end doesn't quite work. I'm definitely sad to see this one go but am sooo ready for the new desk! the grown up big girl work table. yaaay

I was cleaning out all the STUFF i've piled on here over the years and stumbled upon something little that made me smile:
i got it from Shutter Sisters at Blogher '09 (when I totally met Design Mom) in a little inspirational photography packet. It also came with a little business card that only says "dream big" and an 8x10 AND 4x6 photo of a street named "Hope" How sweet is that?! I could spin a whole bunch of philosophical jargon about me being myself but the photo says everything so... hooray! I hope it makes your day better : )

the IKEA post is coming soon! I could totes magotes live there.


  1. YAY for big girl desks!!! Lol!!

    I totally had a IKEA day directly after you and totally got a desk too. And I'll probably totally write a post about it eventually. We are basically the same person, and I love that.



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