Wednesday, May 4, 2011

anisha saris

i have a friend named Anisha, she's more my best friend than anything. I've known her since freshman year of high school and is by far the oldest friend I've ever had. She's Indian and AMAZING and her mother makes the most amazing samosas EVER. No joke. I see her maybe once a year and when we see each other it's like we just saw each other yesterday... just with more catching up to do (like maybe we did a LOT yesterday haha).

Also she gave me these:

not one but two saris from her last trip to India. These are to wear at her wedding which isn't being planned haha... she doesn't actually have a boyfriend or anything but these are them. I stumbled upon them while cleaning my room today and it just made me think a) how awesome Anisha is b) how lucky i am to have her as a friend and c) how AMAZING these saris are and d) all. the way. from India.

sometimes i feel like i have like... NOTHING. No friends, no one wants to willingly hang out with me, nothing cool, I'M not cool but that's not true at all. Even if no one wanted to ever hang out with me or think I'm cool it doesn't matter. Having a few good true people in my life makes it okay.

soon i'll introduce you to Maggie... who is the same person as i am... just caucasian. that's just logistics though.


  1. Oh my gosh I have a whole entry dedicated to me! haha, love ya Abbers, sad to be leaving all ya'll for 6 months.

    BTW, we'll make sure the saris come to be useful in a couple year haha!

  2. You have tons of friends, stop it! And the Caucasian line at the bottom made me LOL.



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