Saturday, May 14, 2011

the curvy girl's guide to summer

Let's face it guys, not counting today the last three days have been SO DANG HOT. as much as i love Chicago and it's unpredictable weather... I thought this summer preview we're having was gonna be more like... uh NOT SO HOT.

Let's also face another truth. I am not a size 2. I'm not even a size 12. And while I am working on myself I still embrace the size I am. I also have learned to a) dress for my size and b) dress STYLISHLY (win!) If I were to pinpoint my style it would be "artsy hipster chic" I love scarves and cardigans and good crossbody bag. But I also have an obsession with Guess purses and TOMS shoes and jewel tones. I have meshed all that together and it works very well! I would define my friend Sarah's style as kind of a elegant boho-vintage-hippy, and if you know Sarah that about sums her up. She finds the coolest stuff and then wears it to an office meeting : )

The point is dress for the size you ARE not the size you want to be and never lose WHO you are along the way. People know when you feel and look good - it just oozes out of your pores.

In the summer I don't wear shorts, I don't go sleeveless, there is no "swimsuit season" for me - I don't think I've worn a swimsuit since I was 14 but I still feel good! I've prepared a short list of my favorite things to wear for the coming summer for all you curvy girls out there that will keep you cool and not so covered that you might as well be wearing a burkha.

1. Maxi dresses - these are a hidden gem! whoever said that short curvy girls COULDN'T wear maxi dresses... probably has no friends. I usually refresh my stock each summer because styles change but one thing is universal - empire waists. Empire waists keep the girls high and the focus on the tiniest part of your waist (channeling Stacey London here and some personal experience lol). Maxi dresses are also buh-FREAKING comfortable! Strap on a pair of gladiator sandals and a cardigan and you're good to go.

2. Bermuda shorts - I'd like to thank Bermuda and it's mysterious triangle for the invention of these shorts. They are a breath of fresh air to the strip of fabric and pockets people call shorts nowadays. Buy lots of these in plaid and dark washed denim and many colors of khaki. The AMAZING thing is you can wear these just as easily with TOMS as you can with flip flops. love. you. bermuda.

3. Summer cardigans - now I don't claim to be an aficionado in much (hugs, sensory cues, how girls work - true story!) but i am an aficionado of CARDIGANS. all of them. all... the whole... everything. Now cardigans are usually pretty light anyway but you don't want long sleeves and a long waist. Enter the summer cardigan. short waisted (conveniently stopping underneath the bust) half sleeves and light as air. you don't even know you have it on! i have 4. Did i also mention I'm obsessed with cardigans? but honestly you can't have too many. they are the outfit saver : )

4. Summer dresses - there is an art to buying a good summer dress. all of them look so cute hanging in the store but beWARE! Some of them will KILL you! Things to look for: again empire waist is always a go, a deep v-neck - if you are as... blessed as i am in that area then you get the ultimate privilege of USING THEM TO YOUR ADVANTAGE - if God hated cleavage he would have made all of us DUDES. *shrugs* hey #justsayin. It should ultimately hit at the area of right above the knees to right below the knees. Things to avoid: tiers - they are usually split to cut off your wait and make you look bigger than you are, midwaisted elastic bands - oh! yes i'd LOVE to wear something highlighting my stomach and makes my boobs look dumpy! awesome.

5. Swimsuits - DANGER ZONE! like i said - i don't wear swim suits everrrr but for the amazing curvy girls who do (that i'm completely jealous of) here are things to look for: ruching at the waist, a mid hip length. I love this one from Modcloth. Charcoal grey? Yes please! If you're going for a two-piece, first of all YOU'RE AMAZING, second of all go for a top with underwire and a full coverage bottom. That goes for all you skinnier girls too. We don't wanna see all that! Dang!

6. Scarves - like cardigans, you really can't have too many scarves. They are a great transition piece from day to evening. If I'm wearing a cardigan and it's blazing but I'll be out late I keep one in my purse for when it does get cooler. Plus it highlights the face, they're breezy and versatile... hidden tip: i wear them as shirts sometimes. I know! they're that amazing. This one also from Modcloth is too cute to resist!

so rock on curvy girl. my style is not everyone's but this totally works for me. be who you are and don't settle for anything less.

*most of this stuff came from Old Navy, eShakti - thanks Sarah! - and Modcloth. my favorite places to shop are OBVS Old Navy, H&M for scarves and occasionally Gap for their WAMAZING tank tops. oy!


  1. Um this could also be a guide for giant girls like me. Seriously... bermuda shorts are like regular shorts and maxi dresses hit my knee. And can I get an AMEN for underwire swimsuits! Some girls just don't get it. Ladies, I don't want to see your saggy boobs at the beach. Come on.

  2. I will live in maxi dresses and scarves this summer.

    Just saying.




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