Saturday, May 14, 2011

raise your glass

I'm not what you call an adventurous person. I love plans of actions, to-do lists, playing it safe, having "adventures" where at least I know where I'M going if no one else does. It's... it's pretty boring. But! in the last... say year I've been pushing the boundaries of me being comfortable. I could easily be categorized as a 'home body' but i kind of DON'T want to be a home body. The very inside of me is spontaneous and wants to travel and just... LIVE! but i know that years of being timid, not knowing what people would think of me and say just have held me back to the point where it changed who i was.

that's bad!

My instinct, when asked to do something on the spot is, "YES! LET'S GO!" immediately followed by, "nooooo... *random valid excuse inserted here*" so when my friend Sarah asked me to go to the city two days ago I said, "YES! WHEN where what time now are we going now yes!" and then I responded with, "NO!" cuz I had to make dinner, which was the truth, but I also go scared! And secretly wanted to stay home and watch Grey's, Parks & Rec and Community. But I sucked it up and went anyway because as much as I GRIPE about not having a social life and lamenting over the lack of friends, lo and behold Jesus sends Sarah to invite me DOWNTOWN to the House of Blues. And I say no?! IDIOT!

I ended up having the COOLEST night of my life. We went to see friends of Sarah's that happen to be in a band named Emerson (if you don't love their music you don't have EARS.) and it was at the Foundation Room in House of Blues. Now, I've actually never been to House of Blues at ALL so I had no idea what to expect. Turns out the Foundation Room is very v.i.p.-ish in it's nature. The room had it's own bar and restaurant and legit v.i.p. room and awesome high backed plush couches and giant ottoman's. It was something out of a movie I swear to bob. It was more of an industry breakout artist party (psh! yeah i just... go to industry parties now.) and Sarah and I people watched hardcore. There was a guy who was the spitting image of Michael McDonald and made us laugh hysterically, there was ALSO a guy who looked like the cross between someone who would fit in the movie 10 Things I Hate About You and the Social Network... all at the same time. here's his genius bar description. Khaki trench, flooding pants, no socks, tied loafers, sweater, long hair - looks like the son of "Michael McDonald"epic. We met the band The Future Laureates (Danny, Nick & James were super cute. and obviously macking. but their band is pretty sweet!) and cue the super buff semi-famous industry dudes. It. was. AWESOME.
from Suzanne (an amazing illustrator) via Oh Happy Day (please someone do this for me when I'm 30!)
I kind of hate new year's resolutions. They're super cliche. Lose weight! Eat healthier! Start a hobby! Break a habit! yeah we get it. I'm a fan of birthday resolutions. They are the ACTUAL new year's resolutions. This year I'm resolving to be more myself! I miss who I was and I'm sad that she got a little lost this last year. I want to go places in Chicago I've never been and there's TONS of places, I also want to MOVE OUT because it is about THAT time yes it is. I really want to take a vacation, too. I haven't been on one in at least seven years. I want to just up and DRIVE somewhere and find a random hotel and stay there and then drive back! And if you guys see any of the "timids" coming back feel free to call me on it (in a good, honest, encouraging way not in a frank "i'm just being honest" way yeah that's... not being a friend) and shake me out of it. I could resolve to lose weight... and I do but I'd rather resolve to not drink pop (cuz it suuuucks) and stop putting junk into the thing that is supposed to keep me alive eh? Those are attainable goals. I also promise to start creating art again. Create anything... just do what makes me happy! Also if #loansforlife gets off the ground I will the MOST happy. (that will be a later post)
via this guy from this blog mentioned here : )

Thank you for all the well wishes on my 25th birthday! Totally feelin' the lurve today. Lots. o'. lurve. also i want that cake. rainbows+cake = two of abby's favorite things in a nutshell. amazerful! but i got a birthday breakfast lunch AND dinner today! and tomorrow?! IKEA!! i'll share what i got! even if it's just a hot dog haha : )


  1. Abby, you're always welcome to take the 3ish hour drive up to Wisconsin and stay with me, Husband, and Little Man......but I think we may have to find a different room for you to sleep in since Little Man's room and the guest room are the same room.


  2. In the same note of Renee, if you want a free-ish adventure, you can always come to the Ross Family Lake Bungalow! We have a paddle boat. And swans. And a rude kitty that will maybe let you pet her. Just saying. Happy belated Birthday :)



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