Wednesday, September 8, 2010

epic weddings and bon voyages

Hey guys, breaking from Rhode Island support (though if you want to hear about it read here!) for a bit to talk about the most epic wedding I've ever been to... EVER.

I'm pretty sure you've heard me talk about the wedding of my friend Katherine and how buh-freaking excited I was about it. Yeah nothing could have prepared me for the most beautiful wedding I've EVER. SEEN. pictures? pictures. GO.

can you see the three cakes? are you aware of them? CAN YA SEE THEM?! and the wreath?! MADE OUT OF BOOKS?!?!?!?! is your BRAIN exPLODING?! also there were tears on pictures 1, 2 and 4. I cried a good portion of half the day. I mean happy, "Omg how is this so perfect?!" tears. Yeah. I love them. It was kind of like the day didn't happen it was THAT awesome.

Move to Sunday! where we said goodbye to the coolest manager at the square. We said bye, took lots of awesome photos by Magali, ate lots of pizza and danced to... Neil Patrick Harris. Yeah that happened. It was grood work bonding. Did i tell you i loved my job? I do. totes magotes.

This weekend is Renegade Handmade and I'm just as excited! Artsy hipsters! ASSEMBLLLLE!!! Will post on that soon. Looking for some yarn to make some SWEET knits to help for Rhode Island! wahoo!

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