Wednesday, September 22, 2010

friends to know and where to go

Hey guys! Just a quick update on my journey n JUNK. Back to the Rhode Island grind today after a sweet financial talk from good friend Sarah. I'm currently knitting some SWEET baby hats right now. I'm definitely all about classic baby instead of cutesy baby. Cute but classic. Lasting.

Requests? Take a look at the list and either facebook message me or email me! Prices for the knitwear are next to the pics. The baking list... the beautiful baking list is coming soon! If it was at all possible to transplant Sweet Annie's red velvet cupcakes and have that be the entire list? I'd do that. But secret? I (and by "I" I mean my mother) make a MEAN red velvet cupcake. Just sayin'.

Back to knitting/writing. Oh life. It's gonna be an interesting next year haha

p.s. - yes my lyrics are from Reading Rainbow - because it's AWESOME.

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