Tuesday, August 31, 2010

love for sale

Here is a selection of knits I will be making. I will also be taking special requests to anyone that FB messages me or emails me - otherwise there will be set things I'll make in a series of colors. I also make baby blankets, mohawk hats (only for Raiye...) and tea cozies... only cuz i enjoy typing and saying the phrase 'tea cozy'. Better yet just come over and have tea with me. Before that take a look at the knits you totally want (don't deny it!) THEN come over and have tea. I'll bake for you. (click on any image to make it larger!)
Hats (the slouchy awesome kind, the mustache kind, the baby kind) 
Scarves (cabled, ribbed, striped, plain, fancy, double long or airy!) 
Handwarmers and armwarmers (preeetty much just like a scarf for your arm. it's slightly more awesome) 
Cowls - i really like these... they're like mini scarves - my sister also enjoys making them - oh and that's my niece Autumn aka the model for all these lovely knits - she'll be taking over IMG soon... when she learns how to walk in heels. workin. on it.
Legwarmers - do not under any circumstances underestimate the AMAZING COMFORT of these legwarmers. Made from 2 soft knits they're stretchy and durable and... like a tiny fuzzy monster of love is hugging your legs. Leg Love. Renaming them "Leg Love" officially.

Again I'll be making these in set colors and styles except for special special requests. As for baking just click on Adventures in Cooking and eeeeverything I've eeeever made pops up! aka... multiple links to Joy the Baker's website. I'm an advocate for her. She doesn't know that though... so I think that makes me creepy. Unfortunate right? But it's for a cause! justified. yessss.


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