Friday, September 12, 2008

hold me close young tony danza

So I've been thinking for a few days about what to write in here. And how I said I would only write my aventuras and things of that nature. but my entire life in an adventure i've realized and people need to know about it. It is a precarious balancing act for you to be popular but have no one really know who you are. That is my life in a nutshell... except I'm not popular any more haha so it makes it easier... i guess. but the point is i'd like people to know me and things that go on with me and stuff like that. today won't be so heavy like 'i totaly almost diiied the other day' it'll be more like a day in the life haha

So my entire life... the friends I've made have been white. That is not a bad thing by any stretch of the imagination... it's just who I relate more with... i can be myself a little easier... but usually that process involves all sorts of questions about my HAIR. I'm serious. 'how does it stay so soft? why isn't it like ours? you don't wash your hair everyday?! is it cuz black people are dirty....' i wish i was kidding. but i'm not. at all. so! here I am to explain the process (PROcess) of my hair and why its so intensive. just so you know and people can stop asking haha
Step. ONE. - hair becomes nappy... hmm... it's time to wash haha
TWO! - wet.
THREE... - wet again cuz it kind of just DRINKS water... like a sponge.
fore! - add sap moss - ummmmmmmm its from Aveda and it just helps your hair. not ACTUAL sap... and... moss...
phive - re...wet.
sixtour - soap... lets save some steps... soap again... and again... AND AGAIN cuz it won't lather...
seven - rinse repeat approximately 3 times. 4 if you've missed a week. *shrugs* it happens yo.
jon and kate plus.... - add... conditioner... wait. 15 minutes
niner - rinse out conditioner... yes. rinse it OUT. then put in leave in conditioner.
ten - oil the scalp and blow dry...
There was actual SMOKE coming out of the blow dryer thats how hot i had that thing... it was insanity.

so... theres like 90 extra steps in the styling of my hair... i left out a bunch just cuz it would make no sense to most people. haha

now I am off to put gas in my Libby and go to borders to steal knitting patterns without paying for them... :0)


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