Thursday, September 4, 2008

at the carwash

I'm currently staying at my sisters house for a few days... oh Valencia. er... Hinsdale.

I can't really tell you whats going on with my family right now? but i can give you my current thoughts :0)
  • I have a wedgie the size of the great state of Texas

  • I believe the librarian behind me has been inspecting said wedgie for going on 20 minutes now

  • My legs are caveman hairy. but they are out because its raining. and my pants are long

  • I believe the librarian behind me is also inspecting said caveman hairy legs and writing them in her memoirs.

  • I broke out the GULP'D today (Ginormous Polka Dotted Umbrella of Life)

  • Currently listening to Putumayo Presents: Paris at the moment. love!love!

  • Wishing I could listen to blog 28 from Imogen Heap

  • Cable knit scarves are really easy. And I'm going home to work on it.

  • Wondering how people can be so stupid - "i think he's attracted to me but he has a girlfriend..." ah the makings of affairs and daytime television

Dance in the rain today!

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