Sunday, May 12, 2013


I downloaded the Air BnB app recently and it was a mistake. I stumbled upon this tiny little tree house in Vermont in the picture above gave me the travel bug. It's a TREE HOUSE. that you can STAY IN. with a BED. and they serve you BREAKFAST. I about died.

That led me to the realization that I need to take a vacation. I never go anywhere... The whole work/life balance is more or less work/work/work/imminent death alone. I'm always baffled when people are like 'yeah I'll see you guys in a week! Headed to Florida/California/TREEHOUSE IN THE WOODS' and I'm like 'WHUT NOW!?' My family has never made time for a work/life balance cuz it made no sense and money wasn't ever there. It's not normal for me to take time off for ME. It took me figuring out I have 2 weeks of vacation time stored up cuz I NEVER TAKE A DAY OFF and it woke me up a little bit.

I just kinda want to get away and do stuff I wanna do. Then come back. Like visit Portland to visit the original Stumptown Coffee and eat lavender ice cream and maybe find Abi Porter so we can be best friends and basically be the MOST hipster I can be for a week without judgement. I want to vacation with friends but that is too hard to orchestrate - by the time it's planned out I'll have 80 more hours of vacation time stored up so I was thinking about doing a solo trip.

But really... is this a good idea? Is vacationing alone a sham? Has anyone ever vacationed alone? Is it a bad idea for a person like me? (me meaning... semi introverted)


p.s. - yes. this post is tagged 'quarter life crisis' real life.
p.p.s. - I'm listening to so much Beyoncé right now. So. Much.


  1. It's not a sham! I did 3 nights in Seattle alone & loved it! :D You have to be comfortable with eating out alone though...

    Feel free to come to Japan - I have a spare bedroom... Cuteness everywhere!
    (I still have a small package to send you... I'm ridic. slow and broke until this week!)

    1. woah... if i could go to japan i think i would die from all the cute/awesomeness.

      take your time on the package! my address has changed I'll send it to you!

  2. It's funny you mention the NW coast! I've been itching to do a San Fran-Portland-Seattle road trip, as I have friends in at least two of those cities. The only problem is I'm the opposite of you--I use my PTO. Hard to avoid it with two weddings and a bachelorette weekend in recent/upcoming months...

  3. I have seriously thought about vacationing alone. I think you should do it...partially because I would LOVE to read your blog post(s) about it!

  4. YESSS to Portland! Go to Salt & Straw, apparently they now have Bone Marrow flavored ice cream, whatttt?! And Josh & I used airbnb and it was a success, def. recommend using that site for travel.

  5. We stayed at two locations on our trip with airbnb. It was a really fun experience!! I haven't traveled alone but I wouldn't let that stop me. Do it! As a culture we really don't travel enough. And honestly it can seem like a financial burden but thats why Jordan and I start saving about a year in advance. We already have an idea of where we want to go next year!


    But seriously. I've actually always wanted to vacation alone (you know, before I got married, and before I got knocked up... I'll never be alone ever again.) There's something so romantic about it, in the purest sense of the word, like some great 19th century adventure. I think the NW coast would be perfect for wandering around... plenty of cafes and eateries and book shops and things to relish in. Oh the book shops!

    And, ultimately, how could you ever resist that TREEEEEHOUSE BNB!?



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