Wednesday, August 1, 2012

SLW: Misery & Co.

Again this is a previous post that I felt weird about putting out here for an SLW. I decided to read it yesterday and it made me laugh - I hope you like it. Also a few friends are leaving this week for different locations so I've been focusing on that a bit. Sorry for the lack of an SLW last week! I'll make it up! For realsies!
First of all I'd just like to say that if I owned some kind of crazy print company I'd name it Misery & Co. and be awesome. We'd make the happiest things on earth.

What is it about a single woman feeling bad for herself that makes her feel like she's the ONLY ONE in the world? Like "I am alone! I am the ONLY. ONE. ALONE. Everyone... EVERYONE just got engaged! EVERYONE just had a baby! EVERYONE JUST POSTED ALL THESE EVENTS ON FACEBOOK! *mass hysteria ensues*"

My mother, Infinite Knower of All Things Pertaining to Dudes, always stops my panic with, "EVERYONE just got engaged?" and I wipe the snot off my nose and say, "No...." snarkily. It is true that a blogger I read is a former Juilliard ballerina (strike one) turned married housewife (strike two) who just gave birth to her second child (strike three and I'm dead!) and JUST TURNED 26 a few days ago. I mean you could knock me over with a feather and I'd be on the ground sobbing in a second.  But no... EVERYONE isn't married or engaged or having babies. It's just magnified by my state of aloneness and self pity.

Let's talk truths. One truth? I am completely blowing this out of proportion. I am never the only one alone. My friend texted me last week with an alone story and I responded "you're not alone! I'm still here! and stilllll single" and she kept right on talking unfazed, which leads me to my second truth: Sometimes you just gotta get it alllll out. When having a pity party there is nothing I like to hear more than myself WHINE. Just... just listen to me whine, please! Because NO one has it worse than I do right now. and that is NEVER true. Third truth - pity parties accomplish nothing. Absolutely nothing. I understand releasing emotion because it's not good to let it just stew there, but once it's gone, LET IT GO.

At the end of the day when you've whined and cried and felt horrible are you really any closer to having a man? Are you any further from it? Maybe... but it's like giving in to a 1 year old who is having a temper tantrum. What's the point? Leave that 1 year old mentality kicking and screaming on the ground and go on about your business. Eventually they'll stop crying because you're no longer giving it attention and be happy again.

There are days when I just can't take it. There are days when I catch The Notebook on the Oxygen channel and watch it THREE TIMES IN A ROW. Coldstone calls with Cake Batter ice cream and I answer with getting a Gotta Have It. But I need to get more used to telling myself no. The 1 year old in me has ruled for too long and I need to teach it some discipline. "Hey! *snaps* heyhey! shut it down! You're an adult this is NOT attractive!" and while I may snark around my apartment for a bit I WILL move past it.

For my other single ladies, you really aren't alone. I will gladly join you for some dinner/sushi/movie/shopping any day of the week but I don't want to best each other with how "alone" we are. There is no prize at the end of the hangout and that leads me to my last truth...

God's got it! He's got it. Like... IN THE BAG He's got it so really I have nothing to freak out about. I'm working on retraining myself to think differently cuz really... it's like no bigs to the dude that created the universe.


  1. Haha, why are we the same person? I get in the "EVERYONE is doing ____" funks all the time. Truth is? We are awesome. They might be doing those things but you and I are doing amazing things ourselves. I'm very accomplished in my Pinterest crafting. Pinterest is my boyfriend and the 4 workout tanks and various manicures I've given myself are my "children". Glass half full over here :-)

  2. I also feel this way when I watch 15-year olds win Olympic medals... as I sit on my couch... eating mint chocolate chip ice cream

  3. I am in the same boat! You are so right on truth no. 3! I am totally down for any single-lady hangout time, too, btw.



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