Wednesday, August 15, 2012

SLW: ideas

Okay guys, I'm gonna be straight with you.

Being single is pretty repetitive.

I walk around without pants on, have tiny adventures and try to be awesome while open and vulnerable but... I'm not sure what to talk about anymore, which is why I need your help! What do you want to see out of SLW? More adventures? Food treatz? Intimate personal details about life in general? Advice column? D.I.Y. for 1?? (which I've totally just dubbed D.I.Y.4.1 in my brain...)

Help a sister OUT!

In the meantime I need to clean... there's a GIANT pile of clothes on top of my bed that I just feel like laying on top of and taking a nap... real life guys. real life.


  1. Though I'm not single, I do enjoy your SLWs. (Found you through your comments on the Joy the Baker podcast, I think.)

    I'm not sure what you could talk about, but you're so relatable. Just anything, really.

  2. I agree. I just like hearing you talk! I think recipes would be awesome with some form of story or advice for the day so you don't have to focus completely on just the writing. SLW adventures might be cool too, though... you could review some awesome spots for the single lady. I could even come take photos for you too on a Wednesday if we go early so you can post it later! You could even have SLW coffee interviews! I don't know I have so many random ideas, but the point is that everyone loves SLW and you should definitely keep it going no matter what you do we'll love it! :D

  3. SLW is totally your thing, Abby. You could honestly make an entire blog around it. Sure, it doesn't completely define who you are and I doubt you'll be a single lady forevers, but you're embracing your life as-is and people love it.


  4. You should totally create "Single Lady Bucket List" with all of the things you can (and should) do without the need or hassle of a significant other. Then you'll create a whole slew of adventures for yourself, and can recap in your original, witty style :)

    BIG FAN btw!



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