Wednesday, August 29, 2012

SLW musings III

First of all thank you so much for the suggestions on future Single Lady Wednesday posts! I realize I could probably make an entire blog about my singleness but I hate pigeonholing myself when I write. I want to have it all in one place. I like that Single Lady Wednesday can ride along side personal situations and funny family stories. I like it a lot. Trust that I slyly took out a pad of paper and wrote all your suggestions down for later on. And by pad of paper I mean the Stickies application on my computer. Technology. *shrugs*
I feel like I'm JUST NOW coming out of a haze from last week's tragedy and I can think clearly (thank you for your condolences, they helped so much). Then my body decided to hit me with the ultimate single lady monthly friend... except it was on a 3 month hiatus previously. So I've been literally laid low with the fact that my lady parts are actually trying to kill me. I'm pretty sure it's some kind of conspiracy theory? I'm reading up on it... trying to put together a case so I can subpoena and sue my uterus.
I am coming out and saying it... I think Starbucks is my boyfriend. I think it was written in the stars to be honest. I work for a company that chooses it's locations based on proximity to Starbucks and my managers/co-workers/bosses/bosses bosses go there MULTIPLE TIMES A DAY. Granted they all get stuffy boss drinks like Americano's (which actually taste like cigarette butts mixed with coffee beans) or something called a Red Eye. ick. pass. I'll take the sweet coffee please? Venti? Extra whipped cream? Can I actually just get whipped cream in a cup with caramel drizzle on top? (my sister actually did this for her birthday drink - Starbucks didn't bat an eyelash.)

If you really don't believe me behold Exhibit A - a plastic homage to how much money I spend there. zomg.
Exhibit A
I definitely just placed an order for mustard yellow skinny jeans. Online shopping has become way too accessible and easy lately. Also Gap has started to SUPER appeal to my aesthetic. Clean and simple yet stylish. I also walk past it daily on my way to work. Curse you Gap! I fell in.
Sometimes on my day off I play Bejeweled Blitz all day and watch as much Ina Garten as possible. That day is today and I'm so okay with that.

Hopefully I should be hitting you up with a few new SLW things soon. Also... RENEGADE IS COMING and THAT is an adventure I'm very excited to share with you. 

Happy Wednesday!

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  1. SO excited for Renegade!! And seriously, what you wrote about the Americano is THE funniest thing ever and just so happens to be completely true. Still laughing....



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