Monday, August 6, 2012

Constructive Blogicism

I read a lot of blogs and it's become part of my daily routine to check on Google Reader. After a while you begin to bond with people you've met before - it's like they know you and you know them. You have things in common with people all over the world. You're so compatible! How are we not BEST. FRIENDS?!

Then comes that moment that happens to all of us. You become too comfortable. You begin notice details and annoyances that never stuck out to you before. Their life is too perfect. They write too inconsistently. They write too word heavy and never include pictures (me!). And then one day you unfollow the blog you were once so kindred to... how does that happen?

You start to feel snarky every time they post a picture of their perfect family YET AGAIN. You cringe when you see a horrifingly unoriginal "from where I stand" photo aka "look at my hammer toes in my dang flip flops." They recycle a post and you feel utterly betrayed. How DARE their entire life not be around coming up with original content? FOR ME. THEIR BEST FRIEND THAT THEY DON'T KNOW ABOUT. You think about posting anonymously through 10-minute email (look it up... it's a thing) to tell everything you've been holding inside but that poses a bigger question...

How do you give criticism to someone you don't know?

Is it your place to tell them you're annoyed with seeing the lower half of their body on Instragram day in and day out? Is it your place to tell them that maybe nine months is a little LONG to wait before having a single date alone with your husband after your baby is born?? Or that the bloggers sister has a stink face in ALL the photos you post of her???

No. It really isn't your place.

If you have nothing nice to say don't say it all but... what are bloggers without their readers? It's a crazy fine line... I know I wouldn't want someone to anonymously comment something snarky and hashtag it #justsayin but if something isn't working at all... I'd want to know at the same time! Would I be MORE or less upset with a simply put email? I'd probably still be pissed haha

The blog world is so INTERESTING. And equally as frustrating sometimes

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  1. UHOH. I totally posted a picture of my flip-flop'ed feet in my most recent post. ENJOY MY HAMMERTOES!!!! :)



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