Wednesday, May 2, 2012

SLW: musings

I find myself alone a lot, just thinking to myself about nothing and everything. Here's what single ladies think of...

You ever have to WILL yourself out of your bed? Today is that day. I had to promise myself ice cream... and that's how I got out of bed. But all I did is roll out of bed and go to my computer, which is a short 1 foot away. I'm doing super awesome today. 


I have a serious case of baby fever. I think my uterus sheds tears when it sees babies. Somehow almost every blogger I read has a small baby or is pregnant and I am DYIN' on the inside! This single lady was meant for motherhood. Otherwise I'm gonna have to make a profession out of walking up to strangers and holding their babies for at least 5 minutes. Future hubs? Know I want at least 4 babies. Prepare for this now.


Is it legal for me to have thigh hair this long?? I shouldn't try to braid this... It will bring shame upon my family.


*looks at feet* toes! paint yourself!


Every day I get up with the intention of eating healthy. I find myself craving water, and roasted vegetables mixed with couscous and dates until my brain remembers there are fried potato products in the world... and that craving goes away. It's a tough battle, but it's a real one. 


I changed my header! I quite like it... especially my little blue jay that has made a nest in my crazy hair. I want to try and teach myself calligraphy in my quest for typographic excellence. Turns out... no one really gives classes for them! I don't really like traditional calligraphy either... I guess I would categorize it as Pinterest Calligraphy

Clearly... the mind of a single lady is that of a spaghetti noodle... it really has no rhyme or reason... it just loops along ridiculously until it lands on something concrete. I'm gonna try and do something productive with my life today - Happy SLW : )


  1. I can't wait till our date. You will flip when you hear some of my single lady thoughts on this. Lol

  2. Love the new header. So cute! Annnd of course, I love your SLW post. It's all so true.

  3. Your header rocks, ma'am! Sofie wants you to come and play again soon ;)

    Annnd... I wish my toes would paint themselves.



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