Wednesday, May 30, 2012

SLW: more truths corrected

I just need to address a couple things floating around and correct the heck out of them. Because this here is real.

Single ladies are extroverted and proactive about their singleness:

That may be true... but I'm hella introverted. A high school friend walked into my job the other day and it was like doing some kind of ninja exercise of avoidance. Ducking... bobbing... weaving under and over tables just to NOT talk to someone. I may have to work on that. a bit. But really I like journals and the library. I'm pretty nerdy and I think silence is AMAZING. Lots of people are weirded out by that... But you're not right?

But I'm proactive about being single! Totally... proactive about going to Dairy Queen alone. Proactive to hog ALL of my bed and ALL of the pillows. Proactive to get a large popcorn at the movies and not share with a soul. Chyeah. I've got proactive in the bag.

Single ladies are up on the latest trends:

That is probably true haha. I'm gonna tell you something. I'm not sure what to DO with the whole neon trend... So apparently you pair it with neutrals? I almost picked up a neon hair flower today and had... no idea what to pair it with... other? neons? Please. Please help is what I'm asking. Also let's touch on blazers for a bit. Blazers + Abby = no. I think I need a tailored blazer legit. Either the middle fits but the arms are too big or the arms fit and the boob area needs some help. All in all a right out of the store blazer doesn't look great. Basically I wear what is a) comfortable b) fits and fits WELL and c) makes me look smokin' hot. The end.


On a different note I actually had a FRICKINAWESOME SLW today. I went downtown with my good friend Anisha and we bought and ate...  all the things. All. All the things.

Apologies for this SLW being so random. I actually wrote out an entire post and wasn't feelin' it... and revised this one about 6 times and I still don't like it! You ever have days like that where writing just isn't flowing? It happens. I need to scrounge up some more ideas. If you have them? Please let me know! I'm just one single lady in a sea of others.

Happy Wednesday... the little bit left : )

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  1. NEON. I really don't understand that trend either. Especially hot pink skinny jeans. My thighs do not need to be seen in those.... I just can't.



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