Tuesday, May 15, 2012

creative types

What do you design when you're designing for no one? I need to add more to my portfolio and there are only so many things I can think of that are fake. I need some help!

Any ideas?

A girl I used to work with always falls back to her favorites when she's designing. Can't think of anything? Clearly she's going to design something Bulls themed. I think it's a great idea. It plays to your strengths and your favorite things. I don't think future employers tire of seeing good designs of the same thing. That's why they call it a series.

 Guess I'll start designing all my favorite Chicago things soon. : )


  1. You could always try designing things to sell, like mock wedding/birthday invitations... company logos... a series of posters with a similar theme. Who knows, you may even get an Etsy shop from it.

    Or enter a design contest on Minted.com or 99designers.com. I've never tried either of those sites but it could be fun.

    There's a book we have in our design library at work called "Creative Workshop." It's full of challenges/assignments to keep yourself sharp as a designer. You should check that out and see if it helps you any. I know how frustrating creative block can be!

    contre gistal

  2. Whoops... 99designers should be 99designs :)



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