Wednesday, May 9, 2012

SLW: Ladies Lunch

When I was little the only thing I wanted was a burger and fries. Literally, everywhere I went. Breakfast? burger and fries. Fancy restaurant? You serve burgers right? It didn't matter. Well my mom being the brilliant woman she is invented something to shake me out of 'burger and fry' mode. She called it Ladies Lunch.

Every couple weeks she would take me and my sister to Marshall Field's. In the basement they used to have this awesome cafeteria filled with every kind of salad you could think of... and AMAZING. truly amazing desserts. (to this day I can't find a German Chocolate Cake to beat Marshall Field's - rest in peace) So I bound down there looking for, what else, burgers and fries, and my mom turns to me and says,"This is Ladies Lunch. You can only get what's here because that's what ladies eat. We can get burgers and fries somewhere else but here? We eat what ladies eat." *insert wide eyed little kid nod here*

For my little kid brain it made a whole lot of sense and I never complained. I ate chicken salad and pita sandwiches and german chocolate cake for dessert while sipping iced tea. Every time I went to Marshall Field's afterwards I would YELL for Ladies Lunch...  not knowing it was really NORMAL lunch? Without the presence of burgers and fries. My mom just wanted to train me to eat regular food. It worked.

I always end up thinking about Ladies Lunch when I pass a giant department store or am out eating with my mom and my sister and feel realllly civilized. I can't wait to share Ladies Lunch with my own daughters someday, but at the same time I love the single lady lunch. Meeting up with a friend (like I did with Keila this morning) and just eating and chatting... and then going on about your day.

Try a Ladies Lunch some time... make a point to go get sushi or something out of the ordinary - if your ordinary is Panera... maybe go get a burger and fries haha and catch up with a friend... or a good book.

Happy Wednesday!

p.s. - i bought the cutest pea swing coat from Gap for CHEAP cuz it was the end of the season? and was super sad I couldn't wear it til October but lo and behold it's COOL today!!! and I couldn't be happier cuz me and that coat had a DATE. : ) just wanted to throw that tid bit in there.

p.p.s - i look smokin' hot today.


  1. I love when you declare yourself smokin' hot!

  2. ^^ I agree with Raiye, and also I think I may have to steal Ladies Lunch to do with Sofia! Your mom is a genius. :D

  3. I'd just like to say your date LOVED your coat ;) awesomesaucy post here... i like this too!



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