Thursday, July 21, 2011


i'll be changing the header in the next few days and trying out some things on here. feedback is much appreciated!

for the record i have NO idea where this header came from. i totally had something completely different already designed and then i just... got a fit of the happy bubbly giggles and that was born. happy bubbles LOL. I'm gonna live with it for a few days then see what goes on.

Also i have something in the works that will be... a miracle if it happens. Basically I just need to design... designdesigndesign all day and all night but I can't design something without material. So that's where you come in. Give me things to design. Suggestions, w00t shirts, logos, posters, your grandmother's 80th birthday invitation I don't care I just know when I do stuff for myself there is NO drive. For the record I am working on stuff for myself, I just deal with deadlines so much better. It's the designer in me? Heh...

If and when things play out I'll tell you the why of what i'm doing. First I need some what's. Collaborations are also welcome (I'm looking at you Kate and Katherine).


  1. I know we talked via text BUT! I love your header. It's simple, yet colorful and it makes the blog pop. Very bubbly, very Abby. I knew anything you made would be awesome, though!

    OKAY- so. Me you and Katherine have to get something going. I told you earlier, I'm trying to get my website back up and get some type of portfolio together with photography/design stuff. Once I feel confident I am able to contribute creatively (I.E. get some example work done) we should absolutely all collab and make something out of this. We'd be dumb if we didn't with all of our creative/designy/bloggy/artistic goodness we got going on here. :D


  2. You should design something for my living room wall! I have a spot that is bare! Some sort of "city" themed design...cityscape, skylines, etc...i'll even pay you money!



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