Saturday, July 16, 2011

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Dear Lauren Conrad,

I've got some beef with you. First, a confession. I really liked the Hills. I can't lie. I watched all the episodes up until you left cuz it seemed like you had a little bit of sense. I didn't watch Laguna Beach though... Kristin makes me wanna slap-a-ho. I mean I should have known better when you passed up Paris to stay with a dude. I mean, come on. It's a dude. I bet he has enough of his parents money to fly to Paris and visit you and make fun of the French because he is, in fact, THAT STUPID. But I digress.

Now on to the real reason I'm writing a fake-yet-sincere letter to a celebrity who will never see this. I recently found your blog the beauty department via pinterest and all the buzz over your hair-do "twisted sister". I added you to my google reader and everything. I thought it was pretty cool that a celebrity offered a blog full of hair tutorials, make-up tips and general style advice.

Until I realized that your blog friggin SUCKS.

OK, I correct myself. Your whole blog doesn't suck. The advice you give is pretty sound especially on hair tutorials but it's the way you present them. Have you ever... read a blog before in real life? Or does your team of people that actually make your blog MAYBE read blogs. Pulling images willy-nilly from the web and crediting them to, iStockphoto and PINTEREST is not a proper credit. I have found an image via weheartit many a time but I try not to credit them for every photo I put on here.

Now, I'm about 87% sure that you have a photographer, web designer and copy editor at your beck and call. Is there a reason why your photographer can't take your photos for you when they don't involve your face? Heard of the iPhone 4? It's got a good camera! Use that! Camera + is your BEST. FRIEND. Really! Try it... I mean I know your life is so busy and all writing books about how you were on a staged TV show for half your life *whew!* but... just. try it. Or! If you do retrieve a photo from another blog, credit the original photographer of the blog or at least put a disclaimer SOMEWHERE that you are not the original taker of the photos.

Until then, just know, your blog needs slight improvement. Looking forward to it.

xoxo, Abby.
via google images :D

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  1. I HATE not giving proper credit!!!
    In fact, i think people should even go as far as emailing photographers if they are posting about them. I did that recently with my Sweet Fine Day post. It felt cool conversing with Jenna via email and telling her WHY i loved her pictures, and also that I *respectfully* wanted permission to post her adorable kids' picture!

    Plus its so fun to say respectively.
    I had mad respect for lots of people.

    Had fun at brunch!
    ALSO! Taking the feedback.
    Trying to get mr. busypants to write more often.
    I'm hoping my blog isn't too boring :/
    Maybe gonna try and re-focus again. Sometimes I post really random things...
    oh well. i'm kinda still new at this!!

    Lurrrrrvvveee you!



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