Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Please help me in welcoming Sofia De La Rosa otherwise known as Sofie Starfoxxx (so dubbed by yours truly! I'm super good at nicknames - that's going on the resumé)
how beautiful is this baby? also her momma is equally gorgeous for naturally birthing this little muffin

I've also been calling her my baby bff. seriously. designated baby-sitter anyone? me. talking about myself. also i can't wait to have my own kiddies. but for now i'm content on showering this one with knitted things and cupcakes for her mom to indulge haha

Brief story! this is the first friend I've ever had that I've been like super excited about the birth. My sister gave birth twice but I was 10 and 12 and not really allll the way THERE maturity-wise. Last night I hardly slept. I texted Kate's husband about every two hours for updates. Kate, who texted DURING her labor (which is epic) was texting me updates and I'm telling her pushing techniques and telling her to breathe. I also realized I could totally be an ob/gyn if I didn't have to go through 100 more years of school. 

*sigh* awesome. 


  1. This makes me realize (as if i didn't know already) JUST how much i lub you and value our friendship. My favorite outfits in her closet are the ones with notes hanging from them. ;)

    Can't wait till we have playdates.

    This is gonna be a blast.

  2. And I just reread this post. Tears. You're the best.



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